Poetry Attack 01

How many women are here?
How many black people are here?
How many black women are here?

In these times of displacement, it is necessary to think about it. In this performance, the artists Mari Moura and Joenio M. Costa carry out a poetry attack using live coding teachniques, text writing and body movements to questioning the absence of women, black people, and black women at art and technology spaces. The absence of women, black people and black women is part of a systemic racist system that promotes exclusion. The performance act is a call to reflect on the roles and opportunities to change it

The performance is composed by sound art, performance art, synthesizers, sound samples and live coding using free software tools, like Sonic Pi, TidalCycles, Super Collider, Le Biniou, PureData, dublang, OBS and other tools, including not only live coding tools but any tool available via textual command line interfaces. Live coding is a practice of artistic creation and a community for building and using technology based on new non-utilitarian arrangements for producing technology. The practice of live coding can be seen as a way of creating sound and/or visual art using programming languages.


Invited talk about Live Coding and Poetry Attack 01 performance at Seminar “Digital Studies and Innovation for Smart-Cities” 2024

Selected at IRCAM Forum Workshops 2024 - 30th anniversary special edition in the CREATIVE SPACE room.

Selected at ICLC 2023 in the Choreographic Coding - ICLC 2023 Catalogue.

Live presentation in some Brazillian cities during the Live Coding Brasil: Turnê 2023.

Presented online at annual the brazillian algorave Algorave Brasil 2023.


Mari Moura and Joenio M Costa have been experimenting live coding + body performance for awhile now and they reached a maturity level where there is a kind of communication during the live coding performances to suggests body movements to be improvised along of the live performance.

Mari Moura is an Artist and Researcher in Performance Art, activist for the presence of black women in Art and Technology. She is interested in the relationship between art, the body, algorithmic patterns and technology in tangible space and cyberspace, together with visual arts, live coding and body notation. She has a PhD in Visual Arts in the Art and Technology research line at UNB, with a sandwich doctorate in Paris V at the Institut des sciences du sport-santé de Paris V (I3SP).

Joenio M. da Costa is a Research Software Engineer, free software activist, computer artist and experimental musician. He is interested in algorithmic music, audiovisual, demoscene and live coding. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Engineer field and is a expert in Research Software Sustainability. He is a The Carpentries instructor, a Software Heritage ambassador and a contributor to the Debian universal operating system. He creates and maintains its owns live coding tool called dublang.

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